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Would you like to  try an Energy ReBalancing session? Energy ReBalancing focuses on finding the imbalances in our energy field and removing them. When this happens, it can help us to be more successful in everything we want to do. It can also be used to find and relieve aches and pains caused by trapped emotions and other energy imbalances and release them.

For an Energy ReBalancing session, using the Emotion Code®, please click on the calendar below to choose a date and time. (sessions are about 50 min. long) It can take several sessions, especially with the heart wall work.


Sessions can be in-person (in Berkeley, California), or by phone, by email or as a live video chat, using Zoom. Energy ReBalancing sessions cost $77 per hour and usually take 2 hours. (RegenNC services are billed to the company directly)


Just so you know: In this awesome time zone friendly calendar, choose up to 3 sessions… remember, all times are listed are in your local time zone.


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Any coupon discounts will be shown on the PayPal page. Please let me know in the comments if you prefer email, phone or Zoom video chat?

If you’d like to give it a try, sign up below.



Certified Emotion Code® Healer

Before clicking on the PayPal button! Please remember to list any health issues you wish to work on, or any questions you may have in the comments section. We can work on specific issues that are physical, like pains or numbness, any mental issues, like confidence or sleep issues, or any emotional issues, like sadness, grief or anger.

Another area we can rebalance is your “HeartWall”. We can see if you have one and we can begin to remove it. Although the heartwall can take several additional sessions to remove, the feeling is usually like a weight is being lifted off your heart. A lot of shifting can be possible after your heartwall is removed. That’s what it felt like for me.

If you wish to pay for your sessions in advance and then contact me to schedule, or if you have already had your sessions and wish to pay now, Please use the “Buy Now” button below.

Energy ReBalancing Sessions w Dave


I was fortunate to get the chance to do an energy healing session with Dave. I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for the session. After an hour I can only say it was nothing short of miraculous. Dave found issues that were tucked away so deep that they would have probably never been found. I highly recommend doing a session with Dave. I guarantee that I’ll be back for another session soon.

Dale E - USA

I am happy to report that I was able to do several energy healing sessions with Dave. I know energy healing works, as I’ve experienced other types, including long distance healing, with good results. I found that this mode of healing works amazingly well! I had several issues, but the most disturbing to me was that several years ago I suddenly started having episodes of deep sorrow and crying uncontrollably. Many times it was for things I would normally never have been upset about. I have never been a crier! Dave was able to dissolve this in one session. I have not experienced a single episode since the session and I could not be happier! He also successfully helped me with several other issues. I will definitely be scheduling more sessions! Thanks.

Lynn H - USA

Dave, Thanks a lot for the healing sessions you did for me. It is very interesting for me to see how you discover problems I don’t know I have. Peeling the onions shells is sure the key to achieving results. This prickling sensation of my sleeping pinky finger reduced. I expect more improvements with sessions upcoming.

Daniel E - Germany



Note: An Emotion Code / Body Code Practitioner does not diagnose medical problems nor is a substitute for the need for medical attention or Psychological counseling. What the Emotion Code / Body Code Practitioner can do is discover and release emotions and other energies and imbalances (hidden, underlying and/or secret) that are trapped in the body that are contributing factors to mental/emotional and/or physical issues. These releases then free the body, mind and spirit to balance with Its own innate Healing Intelligence.

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