A better way to find the balance between your body, mind and spirit.

What’s the relationship between our bodies and the energy flowing within?
* Who’s really in control of your mind?
* Can releasing trapped emotions help?
* Is there a serene place deep inside you?
* Can I bend reality to create my dreams?
Learn to find balance in these areas of your life…
* Your physical health – Learn how to find the right water and foods for your body
* Your mental health – Regain control of your mindset and begin being authentic
* Your emotional health – Use energy medicine to release your trapped emotions
* Your spiritual health – Connect deep within and create your true hearts desires
* Your whole life – Find yourself living in the moment, grateful for your perfect life

The 5 Elements of Life ReBalancing

Our five courses are designed to be taken in sequence and will have a stronger  combined effect.
Each course is focused to get the best results before moving on to the next one. The benefits of balancing your health and connecting more with your body, can be helpful in strengthening your mindset. Having a balanced mindset can help connect you to your intuition and allow you to master your internal energy. Balancing your inner energies can help you find your spirituality and inner peace… and finally, we balance them all.

Our Courses

Healthy ReBalancing

Our free Healthy ReBalancing course, focuses on using plant based whole foods and clean oxygenated water, to bring our bodies back into balance. We can learning to adjust our homes and our world to better support and protect us from any harmful toxins or air pollution and there are even ways to block those harmful EMF waves.

Mind ReBalancing

Our fears and self doubts are holding us back. To build a strong mindset, we can start by clearing our mental junk and bad thinking. We don’t even see how it effects us daily. Easily learn to master your Mind and it can become your very best friend!

Energy Rebalancing

Using energy medicine techniques, we can discover the blocks in our energy field that hold us back. We created them with intense emotions and as we learn to release them, we begin to feel more of our natural flow, regaining our internal strength and energy.

Spiritual ReBalancing

There are many spiritual practices we will present. A few of them are from the ancient scriptures of India. As we learn some of these ancient meditation techniques and some of the latest modern ones as well, as we will naturally learn to open up to our inner higher selves, quiet our minds and bodies, and to thrive.

Life ReBalancing

After the four parts are all running well, it is time to integrate them into one overall life plan with flow between the Health, Mindset, Energy and Spirituality areas ou your life and you are just humming along.

Our Methods

What's WFPB, no oil, sugar, salt?

The Whole Food Plant Based diet is created to reduce our diabetes and heart disease. Understanding healthy water choices, food and environmental choices and even the air we breath all affect our health in ways we are just beginning to fully comprehend.

What's the Bug Free Mind program?

A system of understanding your mindset designed by Andy Shaw that can focus removing the bugs that are interfering with you becoming more centered and more aware of your inner voice. Very helpful in allowing you to be more connected with your authentic self. Check out the Bug Free Mind program.

What's the Emotion Code program?

Designed by a very talented chiropractor, Dr. Bradley Nelson teaches us how to remove our trapped emotions with the Emotion Code healing system.
Using Muscle Testing, also known as, “Kinesiology”, we can understand and release these emotional baggage we all have.

What's the Body Code about then?

The Body Code is a more advanced version of the Emotion Code that deals with all of the other types of energy issues that are not emotions. The Emotion Code is a small part of the more complete Body Code.

Muscle Testing your energy connection...

The final rebalancing is in your spirituality, where your life goal connects to your inner happiness. From this place you can find the peace you have been seeking for some time.

Make an Appointment

If you want to try a one hour Energy ReBalancing session using the Emotion Code ($77/hour), use this link to book a session time.
Emotion Code Session (click)

Why Life ReBalancing?

I embrace going to give as the best way to receive. I realize, I can live in a balanced world if I can teach the world to become more balanced. So, my intention here is to offer people a way to find balance in their health, in their mindset, understanding both the way their energy flows and in their connection with their higher selves and the universe. My why is about sharing knowledge with the people around me to create the right energy in the world to makes the world into a wonderful place to live!

Easy As 1…2…3…

First, sign up for our Healthy ReBalancing course, it’s totally free. Then you can begin by learning about your drinking water, how it effects your body, how to test your local tap water and how you can improve it. Get access to the latest high tech purifying solutions. Learn what scientists are discovering about energy effecting water crystals… our bodies are mostly water.

Our Healthy ReBalancing Course (FREE)

This is the best place to start, We believe that when you give your body healthy water and food, and create a healthy environment, the benefits will begin right away. In the long term, you can also begin connecting with your body more and become more aware of what it’s saying to you.

Mind, Energy, Spiritual & Life Courses

We strive to keep our costs low to allow anyone to participate… so that’s why we are offering you each  course the first month for only $1, and then only $5 per month afterwards. If you wish to have all 3 of our courses, we can offer the first month for only $1, and only $10 per month afterwards for the whole set.

Disclaimer: the information on this site is provided for educational use only. It is not provided in order to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease illness, or injured condition of the body. Consult your health care professional if necessary.

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